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The Visa brand has become a strong presence in the online gambling arena once again, with credit cards taking the primary spot for USA friendly deposit methods. While credit cards have been restored as a viable option for funding online casino accounts, some players still prefer a pre paid option. Pre-paid Visa Cards can be purchased at most local drug stores, Walmart, and Convenience Stores. You must use cash to purchase a Pre-paid Card, and most cards have a small account activation fee which is paid at the time of purchase, typically around $5. With the pre paid card sector of the payment solution industry becoming quite fluid, you may find that the processes or availability change from time to time.

If you experience any issues using your pre-paid card to purchase casino chips, then you always use it to purchase credits at MST gift card casinos. There is a little bit of technique to the process, so we've decided to provide you with step by step instructions on how to successfully utilize this convenient and flexible online payment solution. This work around has been successful in the past, but results can vary based on the individual casino. However, each casino listed here is committed to accepting pre paid options for account funding, hence there will be a viable method for you to use. We suggest you contact the casino cashier once you register for advisement on the best course of action based on their current options.

Following are the steps to follow in order to fund your account at any of the Pre-paid Visa Casinos that you would like to play at. By following these simple steps, you will be able to fund your online casino account without any problems in most cases. There are two sets of instructions below, the first set being applicable to players who are using their pre paid card for the first time, and the second set is for players who have already used their card at leats once. The key in the first set of instructions is the workaround we've discovered that directs you make an initial legitimate purchase with the Pre-paid Card, which then opens the card up for being used at any of the online casinos accepting these types of gift cards. This is for players who have found that they are unable to use their Pre paid Visa Cards to fund their casino accounts.

Instructions For Using Pre Paid Visa Cards At Online Casinos If Your A USA Player:

1. Select an online casino to play at that offers Pre-paid International Cards as a deposit method option.

2. Contact the online casino to be given contact information to one of their partners at which you can purchase an International Virtual Pre paid Card using your Pre-paid Visa Card.

3. Visit the website of the partner you were referred to.

4. Purchase your Virtual Pre-paid Card by following the purchase process on the partner site. It is a quick and simple purchase in which you use your Card to complete.

5. You will receive a series of confirmation emails, with the last one containing your virtual confirmation number.

6. On the casino cashier page of one of the online casinos, select MST Gift Card as your funding method, and enter the confirmation number and the amount you want to deposit from your Virtual Card purchase into the information fields.

7. Your casino account will immediately receive the funds.

8. You can either put your whole prepaid Visa card amount onto the Virtual Pre paid Card, or you can put just a portion onto it and then use the balance of your Pre-paid Visa Card to fund your online casino account at any of the casinos accepting Gift Cards as a funding option. Once this initial purchase has been made, the restrictions on the card seem to be lifted, allowing you to use it at any of the online casinos featured below.

Instructions for using your Pre-paid Visa after you have used it to purchase a Virtual Pre Paid Card

1. Select an online casino from the list below.

2. Go to the cashier page of the casino.

3. Select Visa as your funding option. Most casinos that accept the gift cards will have a little box for you to check when you are entering your card information that flags the card as a gift card.

4. Complete the funding process using the instructions and prompts provided.

5. Your account will immediately receive the funds.

The online casinos below are all committed to offering a pre paid option in their cashier at all times. Due to the fluidity of this niche within the payment platform industry, you may see variances in processes or which options are available. Rest assured that if the pre-paid Visa option isn't listed in their menu, the pre paid funding source that you do see there is a trusted, reliable and secure option to consider. These casinos specialize in this niche and always come through for players.

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Top Prepaid VISA Accepted Casinos

Slots Plus Casino

Slots plus gladly accepts pre-paid gift cards as a guaranteed deposit option for players.

Slots Plus
Sun Palace Casino

Select prepaid international gift card in the casino cashier to complete your pre paid deposit.

Sun Palace
Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA casino offers a guaranteed pre-paid gift card deposit option for all players.

Las Vegas USA

Online Casinos Accepting Prepaid Visa

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  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
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150% Max $3000
400% Max $10000
150% Max $3000
150% Max $3000
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