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Whether you are a Bingo player who can run circles around the average Internet surfer, or you consider yourself technologically illiterate, the Paysafecard can offer a quick, simple and safe online payment solution for bingo players. In a nutshell, Paysafecard is a pre-paid card that allows you to make purchases online. Unlike virtual pre-paid cards which require a credit/debit card or bank account information, the Paysafecard can be purchased with cash at any of the 110,000 outlets throughout Europe and can be used to deposit at participating Paysafecard Bingo Sites.

Absolutely NO personal information is collected at the point of purchase, hence there is not even the most remote chance that your personal data will be compromised. Currency exchanges are no problem for the Paysafecard, and there are virtually no fees associated with maintaining the card. There is a card redemption fee of four Euros should you decide to be refunded the balance on your card. At the beginning of the fourth year that you use a particular card, there is a monthly administrative fee of two Euros. The low costs associated with this phenomenal online payment solution make it a perfect option for funding your Paysafecard Bingo accounts.

Using the Paysafecard bingo deposit option has become quite popular among online Bingo players that are hesitant to share their personal financial information with any online merchants or payment solution providers, including Bingo Sites Accepting Paysafecard. Identity theft is virtually impossible for players who use this deposit method. You can check your balance at any time on their website, as well as communicate with customer service as needed. The card is transferable, and can be given as a gift without any complications. The only thing that is easier than using your Paysafecard is shouting Bingo!

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