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Trusting businesses and business owners online can be tricky. I mean you can't see their face, or hear their voice, some of the body language we have come to rely on in determining how our 'gut' feels about somebody, and their pitch for your business. So with face to face contact out, what do you use to determine if an online offer is on the up and up, or if it is a scam to take advantage of you? When it comes to Most Trusted Bingo Deposit Methods, we take the risk out of the equation for you. To help our visitors stay on the 'safe' side of the financial scenario when it comes to online gaming, we've done the research, testing, and retesting, to help you find online deposit method options that you can trust to protect your financial situation, and efficiently facilitate your online bingo adventures.

We only recommend those online bingo deposit options which we would consider using ourselves in our own online gambling excursions. We would never recommend an online deposit method that we wouldn't trust our own money with, that would really defeat the purpose of our Most Trusted Bingo Deposit Methods section completely. We've provided a little breakdown of the main categories which are not only very popular, but are also trusted by us, and millions of online gamine enthusiasts worldwide.

eWallets - are certainly among the Most Trusted Bingo Deposit Methods out there. Also referred to as 'electronic wallets', eWallets are third party accounts which allow you to hide your personal financial information from the online bingo hall, providing a buffered layer of security that simply increases your protection from identity theft and financial predators. eWallet accounts are usually free to sign up for, and provide a very user friendly interface to manage your account. eWallets can be funded using your credit or debit card, or your bank account. Once your eWallet has been funded, you can turn around and use it to fund your online bingo account. There are several bingo eWallets that accept USA players, making this option a superb choice for US players trying to find a work around to get their online bingo account funded in spite of the UIG restrictions. Because your financial information is tied to the eWallet instead of an actual online gambling operation, there are no blocks placed on your gaming activity. We highly recommend eWallets as your deposit method of choice. Several online bingo halls will offer an additional bonus for using an eWallet as opposed to a credit card option. It is usually in the form of a 10% - 15% match bonus.

Credit/Debit Cards - these are used to fund online bingo accounts for thousands of online bingo enthusiasts worldwide. Unfortunately, USA players are unable to use this convenient option. The UIG bill forced US banks and credit card companies to utilize a transaction coding protocol, which flags transactions that carry the online gambling code, and are hence blocked from using their credit cards to fund their online bingo account. While this can be troublesome for USA players, the rest of the world enjoys the convenience and ease of use that credit card deposit options provide. Because this deposit method works out for so many non-USA players, we decided to include it in our listing of Most Trusted Bingo Deposit Methods. Bingo Sites Accepting Credit Cards

Prepaid Cards - have entered the online gaming scene like a night in shining armor, and are most definitely on our list of Trusted Online Bingo Deposit Methods. Prepaid cards eliminate all the hassles and issues that USA players face in trying to get their online bingo account funded. In essence, prepaid cards allow players to use cash to fund their online bingo account. This is advantageous on several levels. Firstly, USA players are able to get around UIG restrictions and successfully fund their online bingo account using one of the accepted prepaid cards. Secondly, your personal financial information is kept private and is not shared with anyone. Thirdly, it is an effective way to set limits on how much you plan to spend during your visit to the online bingo hall. Regardless of the temptation, you can only spend what has been pre-loaded onto the prepaid card. Creditworthiness is not an issue due to the fact that no 'credit' is issued, but is rather purchased up front, bought and paid for, putting nobody at risk. There are prepaid cards with all the major brands: Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as many other private branded prepaid cards. Some can be bough online as a 'virtual' card, while others can be physically purchased at a store. Either way, prepaid cards make an excellent choice for funding your online bingo account. Bingo Sites Accepting Prepaid Cards

Direct Banking - While it is the least used deposit method option, direct banking options are considered to be some of the Most Trusted Bingo Deposit Method options around. It is safe to say that most people trust their local banks. It's someplace they can see, can visit when they need to, and a place where they know the people and are familiar with the services available. This all adds a level of comfort when considering online deposit methods. While direct banking options can be more cumbersome due to the additional paperwork and identity verification hoops you must jump through, there are players who feel it is well worth the effort. These players would trade some convenience for a more weighted peace of mind. And who can blame them? These days the amount of identity theft that occurs every day is staggering. The devastating affects of such a violation can take years to clean up, and can also be costly. Players who opt for direct banking deposit method options feel they are not taking big risks when using this option. Sadly, USA players will not be able to utilize direct banking options for funding their online bingo account.

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