Australian Casino Deposit Method Ideas Coming to US?

The United States is entering virgin territory in the online gambling industry. Thanks to the 2011 decision by the United States Department of Justice that each individual US state decide their own Internet gambling future, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have legalized some form of online gambling. Multiple states are pushing to do the same, and there will no doubt be successes and failures in the first efforts to deliver a clear deposit method picture for Americans who want to enjoy some responsible adult wagering online.

The United States has always closely protected its citizens by strictly regulating its banking laws. This has even more distinctly been the case concerning deposit methods used for opening accounts at online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. Thanks to several smart online casino operators, US players can currently enjoy online wagering, since those companies moved their base of operations outside the physical United States. But as more states move to legalize online gambling, deposit methods are once again going to come under harsh scrutiny.

The Australian Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy recently released a report entitled “Review of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001” which proposes particular deposit methods and limits for those opening an online gambling account. The Australian report was released to address problem gambling in Australia, and recommends that each account holder be required to set a deposit limit. Specific deposit methods are recommended in the report, and such a structure could provide the burgeoning United States online gambling marketplace with a clear deposit method picture.

Currently, the websites offering legal US online gambling each decide on what deposit methods they offer. Every US online gambler has his or her own preferred deposit method, and that may or may not be offered at that person’s preferred online gambling portal. Defining a particular handful of deposit options which would be accepted in the states which legalize online gambling in the US would clearly eliminate confusion on that matter.

The Australian report also recommends a 24-hour cycle for deposit limits, allowing a user a maximum amount across all deposit methods at a particular Internet gambling website. Currently, those casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms offering legal access to US players wisely deliver multiple deposit methods and account funding options. The top deposit method currently offered by US friendly online casinos like Bovada is a personal credit card, which coincidentally is the most popular deposit method of American online gamblers.

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