PrePaid Deposits Gives US Players 24/7 Sportsbook Access

Some online gamblers believe that the stringent regulations regarding online sportsbook deposit methods are a little too rigid. But in actuality, the rules are there to protect you and I as US players. And virtually every reputable and top ranked online sportsbook offers a multitude of deposit methods and account funding options. Bovada not only honors US players at their world famous online sportsbook, but they also present a safe, fast and efficient deposit method in the form of prepaid debit cards.

For those of you not in the know, prepaid cards work rather simply. They also keep you anonymous if you so desire, and act as an insulating layer of safety between your online activities and your personal banking. Physical and Internet companies exist which allow you to buy either a physical prepaid debit card or a virtual account number with cash or your preferred credit card. The account number or physical card then works exactly as your typical credit card, and you can use your prepaid card account to fund your sportsbook wagering account, and also makes purchases online.

Bovada is one of the most well-known online casinos on the entire World Wide Web. Aside from a sportsbook, they offer prepaid access to a casino and poker room as well. Their base of operations exists outside the physical United States to keep American regulatory authorities happy, and this means that players from the U.S.A. can legally enjoy wagering on all the major sports, as well as tennis, golf, motorsports and boxing from their favorite PC or smartphone 24/7.  Learn more about them in our review on Bovada Sportsbook.

Bovada is also known for offering coverage on sports like snooker, horse racing, darts, cricket, rugby and even popular entertainment venues like American Idol and Survivor. And now US players can finally use a safe and speedy account funding method to enjoy some responsible adult wagering at Bovada, and a simple chat session or telephone call to their customer service department is all you need to inquire about a possible wager you do not see listed. The website also currently offers generous bonuses simply for downloading their software and making a prepaid card deposit.

Using a preferred credit card to open an online sportsbook account is far and away the most popular method for American online gamblers. And despite the fact that Bovada holds an impressive record for successful credit card transaction approvals, using your credit card online delivers your banking information to the Internet, possibly putting you in a risky situation even if you frequent a highly regarded and respected online sportsbook like Bovada. By honoring prepaid cards as an account funding method, Bovada keeps your banking information safe, and you can limit the amount of money in your prepaid account. The site lists one of the most extensive lineups of sports, celebrity and entertainment wagering we have ever seen online, delivers multiple deposit methods including prepaid cards, and offers an enjoyable and reliable experience to the US online gamber.  Visit Bovada Sports today!!

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6 responses to “PrePaid Deposits Gives US Players 24/7 Sportsbook Access”

  1. Anthony says:

    I only use prepaid cards for online gambling. I have no intention of putting my credit card number or bank account out there to float around on the Web for the nearest hacker to steal. There are enough good brands that will take them so I don’t feel i’m really limited at all.

  2. admin says:

    I hear ya, this is my preferred way to deposit as well.

  3. Rachel says:

    @Anthony – which ones do you think work best for players in US? I’ve had a little trouble as I’ve bought a few and they can’t be used for online gambling it turns out.

  4. admin says:


    One guaranteed option is the MST Gift Card. You just use your credit card to purchased a gift card from one of the casino’s partners and it is guaranteed to be approved. Learn more at this page:

  5. Mark says:

    I’ve had good luck using the MST option – some of the ones you buy at places like Walgreens or CVS are iffy – some work – most don’t.

  6. admin says:

    I think you’re right Mark, USA players will have the most luck with the MST cards.

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