MyPaylinQ Exits Gambling, Credit Cards Now Tops

MyPaylinQ has long been a favored deposit method for opening accounts at online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms for US players. The company was well-managed, and immediately began to build a well-earned reputation as delivering a quick, easy, safe and secure virtual payment processing experience when they first arrived.  It was one of the only ewallet options available to players from the United States, making them quite the popular deposit method option among American players. 

Recently, MyPaylinQ stopped taking applications from United States residents. That turned out to be a sign of future policy change, though the company was a favorite deposit method option for online gamblers in the US, as well as other countries around the world. The main draw for using MyPaylinQ was twofold. They offered an insulating layer between a player’s personal banking information and any online gambling destinations where that gamer wanted to open an account. This added a desirable extra layer of security in the minds and wallets of Internet gamers looking for a little online casino, poker or sports gambling.

But the company recently bowed out of the entire online gambling community as a payment provider and deposit method. We mentioned above that there were two major reasons that Internet gamblers flocked to MyPaylinQ as a desirable online banking method. The second, and possibly biggest, reason the company became such a reliable and safe payment processor online is because they allowed you to use your favorite credit card or debit card when funding an account with them. As you know, major label credit and debit cards backed by companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express offer their own levels of guaranteed protection when you use them online, nevermind the familiarity factor they offer as well.

This meant that someone using MyPaylinQ to fund an online gambling account was benefiting from several layers of security, so their new-found absence from the online payment processing marketplace will be sorely felt. However, the big winners in this whole story are those online gambling portals which allow you to use your preferred credit card or debit card as a method of payment directly, rather than asking you to go through a third-party intermediary. Not only does an online gambler still receive the financial security guarantees offered by his or her major credit card company, but bypassing a third-party payment processor can also result in lower overall and per-transaction fees. There are some great Visa casinos, MasterCard casinos, and American Express casinos that US players will have great success at when it comes to credit card transaction approvals.

And there are still a few creditable prepaid options available for online gamblers. The more reputable and secure websites on the Internet which offer gambling options will always deliver a wide variety of positive methods, just in case a respected member of the payment processing community like MyPaylinQ stops offering its services. For security reasons, credit card and prepaid options make a lot of sense for online gamblers, although it is a shame to see MyPaylinQ withdraw its online gambling support. However, this just lends more legitimacy and reputability to those Internet gambling casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks which support credit card and prepaid services as a safe and secure deposit method.

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