US Players Can Now Use Credit Cards to Fund Accounts

The Department of Justice in the United States has long frowned on any type of online gambling activity that is housed here in the US. And even though they flip-flopped their online gaming and gambling position in December of 2011, it takes time for legislation to be passed, virtual casinos to be built and licenses to be placed here in the US. That has caused many US-based poker players much difficulty in attempting to locate online casinos where they can legally use their credit cards to fund their online gambling accounts.

Recently however, a few reputable online casinos have stepped in to fill the void that was created on Black Friday, when the four major online poker rooms Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, Pokerstars and Absolute Poker were all shut down with no warning on April 15, 2011. US poker players trying to access their accounts that evening found that they had no access, and to this day, many of the account holders at those four previously revered online poker institutions have never received one penny of their money back.

So for many US online poker players, the fun came to an end. However, the US DOJ does not want to prosecute individual players, only those US-based online poker rooms which skirt the law and run afoul of US banking regulations. What many average online poker players here in the United States do not understand is that as long as an online poker room or casino is headquartered outside of the US, United States players are free to legally enjoy their favorite online casino table games, place a bet in the casino’s sportsbook, and play poker, all from the privacy and comfort of their favorite US-based PC or smartphone.

Up until recently, however, most offshore casinos did not go out of their way to cater to US players who were frustrated by tedious and time-consuming account funding processes. The average US-based online poker player simply wants to pull out their credit card, open an account, and begin enjoying a safe and exciting, and possibly rewarding, online casino, sportsbook or poker experience as fast as possible. Luckily, several casinos which have a history of high customer satisfaction levels and use the dependable and speedy RealTime Gaming software have stepped to the forefront to allow US-based players to legally fund their online gaming account with a credit card.

Intertops Casino and Bovada Casino are two online entities which are well known for their years of reputable operation in the online gaming industry. You may recognize the Bovada name as they previously had a popular US-based operation. Earlier this year Bovada finished moving their base of operations explicitly so they could offer US-based players a safe and reputable online gaming experience, and they now allow credit card funding to open an account, as does Intertops Casino, among others. We were recently able to negotiate attractive Welcome Bonus offers for any of our readers who would like to open an account at either one of these respected online casinos. US-based players, as well as players worldwide, need only follow the links provided at one of our featured credit card casinos. We will keep you posted as more reputable online casinos deliver convenient and speedy credit card account funding for US-based players.

Should you encounter any problems with getting your credit card transaction approved, you may also want to try using your credit card to fund an ewallet account, such as MyPaylinQ.

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