US Credit Card Deposits Still Exist in Web Wagering

Roughly more than one year ago, the United States online gambling community got a rude wake-up call. The Department of Justice shut down the three largest online poker sites which allowed United States players to play poker online for money. While many of the depositors of Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and UltimateBet/Absolute Poker had their accounts frozen, and some to this day have never received a penny of their account holdings back, no depositors or individual players were charged with any wrongdoing on April 15, 2011, known as Black Friday in the online gaming community. The lawsuits covered the alleged illegal banking activity that the three poker sites were accused of, and could have spelled the end of the legal online poker, sportsbook and casino gambling activity in the US.

However, there are still legal deposit payment methods available from certain reputable online gambling sites for the United States online gamer. The difference is simply in who is handling the deposit methods, and where their base of operations is located. For instance, credit card account funding options will always be the most attractive to the prospective US online gamer. Just about everyone in the United States has a credit card, and is familiar with using it, giving them a sense of security and peace of mind when using it to fund their online gambling account.

That is why online casinos such as that offer a Sportsbook, Casino Games, Poker Action and Horse betting online, and are set up to legally accept credit card account funding from United States players, will always be attractive. Other multiple payment and account deposit options exist at online gaming sites, such as Western Union, MoneyGram, and MyPaylinQ, but funding an online gaming account with a credit card will always be the preference of US players. However, please keep in mind that just because an online gambling site accepts credit cards from USA players does not guarantee that the transaction will process successfully. USA players are often better off using their credit card to fund a third party ewallet such as MyPaylinQ.

In keeping with US legal requirements, withdrawals cannot be made directly to a credit card account, but sites like WagerWeb can legally payout funds to an account holder via Cashiers Check, MoneyGram, MyPaylinQ accounts, and Western Union. While some US players may have a bad taste in their mouth regarding the Justice Department over these new regulations, they have removed many bad apples from the online gaming barrel which took advantage of online gamers, and the new legislation has made online gambling a much safer place to be. Many states, led currently by New Jersey, Nevada and California, are working on passing statewide legislation that would allow payment processing, deposit and withdrawal options in their prospective jurisdictions.

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