“Don’t Leave Home Without It” Hits Online Casino Funding

American Express has for some time been known for the familiar tag line “Don’t Leave Home Without It”. They of course are referring to their credit card, in the hopes that you will carry it everywhere you go, run up tons of charges, and then not be able to pay your full monthly balance. But sometimes the problem is not that you forgot your American Express credit card at home, but that not all retail outlets accept the plastic form of payment which charges the shop owner more than when you use your Visa or MasterCard.

But since owners of an American Express piece of plastic generally earn more annually than those who only own a Visa or MasterCard, many wise and venerable online casinos have begun to accept the American Express suite of charge cards. In many cases, those websites also cater to US players, and rightfully so as the United States contains more American Express cardholders than does any other country. And many of those websites are willing to offer substantial bonus money when you use your American Express card to open an account, in the form of initial Deposit Match Bonuses, Special One Time Bonuses, and even Bonus Match Money on future deposits.

Respected online gaming institutions like Intertops Casino offer casino, sportsbook and poker room play with several deposit options, including American Express. For US players, withdrawals and payouts cannot legally be made to your American Express card, and are handled instead through Money Transfer, Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer. However, funding your online gaming account with American Express for US players is quick and easy, and does not run afoul of any banking statutes or regulations.

You may recall the Department of Justice in the United States gave a cease and desist order to shut down all poker operations to the largest three online poker rooms in America on April 15 of 2011. The DOJ claimed that those online poker rooms doing business in the United States had allegedly broken several banking laws, and the big losers ended up being American online poker players. But the DOJ’s beef was with those particular online poker rooms, and not with any individual account holders. Online casinos like Intertops developed viable and legal online account funding options for players from the United States and around the world, and stepped in to fill the void left when PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and UltimateBet/Absolute Poker were shut down.

So it now seems, thanks to reputable online gaming institutions like Intertops, that American Express may need to add a new tag line to their advertising arsenal. Perhaps “Don’t Play Online Without It” would correctly illustrate the online account Poker, Table Game and Sportsbook funding options that the iconic silver American Express piece of plastic offers their account holders in the United States and around the world.  Review all our featured American Express Casinos.

For those times when your credit card transaction does process as smoothly as you hoped when funding your online gambling account, try these other USA friendly deposit methods, several of which will accept your credit card as payment.

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