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If online poker is your thing, then Bet365 Poker may have just made opening an account much easier for you. Due to stringent banking laws, deposit methods for opening and adding subsequent deposits to online gaming accounts are generally restricted to major credit cards, eWallet and wire transfers. That used to be a problem for the millions of PayPal account holders who already do their online personal and commercial banking with that online payment processor. Sure, most online gaming websites offer alternative account funding methods, but many of us have held PayPal accounts, debit cards and credit cards for years, and prefer this safe and trustworthy method of handling our online finances. Thanks to Bet365 Poker, a PayPal account funding method is now possible.

When any online poker room offers a unique account funding method, game or attractive bonus package, they irrevocably wind up attracting customers away from their competitors. And while this will no doubt be the case for Bet 365 Poker and their PayPal account funding availability, to ensure their online poker room draws as many customers as possible, the well respected and well-known name in the online poker community charges no fee when you choose PayPal as an account deposit option. They also allow account funding deposits as low as $10, and as high as $5500 per deposit.

There’s no doubt that this popular online transaction type will become available in the future at more online gaming institutions, but currently Bet 365 Poker is the only online poker room that we know of which offers the PayPal funding method. And since your PayPal account can be opened with a checking account, debit or credit card, you have multiple avenues for funneling money to your online gaming account. Bet 365 Poker also matches 200% of your initial account deposit up to $1,000, allowing online account holders to effectively triple their bankroll before ever placing a single wager.

This is a standard practice in the online poker community, and is known as a Welcome Bonus or Deposit Match Bonus. However, this is the first time that we know of when this bonus system has been combined with a simple PayPal online account funding method. Currently, this option is not available to US players, but with the recent announcement that Nevada would be offering online poker licenses in the United States in the next 30 to 60 days, this could be an option which arrives in the United States sooner than later.

By cornering the market in offering this widely used online payment processing method, Bet 365 Poker is reaching out to prospective online players. It remains to be seen if the all but inevitable United States regulated online poker scene will adopt PayPal as a preferred account deposit method, but the wise shopkeeper is the one who is first to market, and in this case Bet 365 Poker is a safe bet.

Learn more about this online poker brand in our review of Bet365 Poker. The Bet365 online gambling brand also offers players a full service casino, sportsbook, racebook, skills game, and financials betting portals, and while they do not accept USA players, they are the premiere non-USA gambling brand. Visit Bet365 Poker.

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