Sportsbook Bank Wire Deposits Growing in Popularity

Bank wire transfers deliver one of the safest and most reliable money transfer options available today. Many would be online sportsbook account holders simply forgo opening and funding an online sportsbook account because they are hesitant to use their credit card online. Their privacy concerns are certainly understood, and even money transfer options like Western Union require physically traveling to a nearby Western Union outlet to deposit and withdraw money. Bank wires are one of the oldest and safest money transfer methods still in use today, and are growing in popularity among online Sportsbook aficionados.

One such site offering access to potential players is WagerWeb. Current banking regulations in the US prohibit bank wire deposit methods for opening a sportsbook, poker room or casino account online, but players from many other countries around the world can use this convenient and secure financial transaction to open an account and enjoy some responsible wagering on sporting events. WagerWeb, in an attempt to offer multiple deposit method options, has worked diligently to ensure that their players do not run afoul of the laws in their home countries, and bank wire money transfer is currently accepted in most countries other than the United States. They recently made provisions to allow bank wire transfers, and the beneficiary is definitely the potential online sports gambler.

At both the local and international levels, bank wire transfers are insured, safe and efficient. This is actually the number one deposit method used across Europe, and is currently offered as a legal account funding method nearly everywhere except the United States. But the US player is not without several convenient options. WagerWeb has benefited by changes in national and international banking law and now allows multiple options for US players besides bank wire transfers, and many USA players report exceptional success with Credit Card Sportsbooks using their Visa or MasterCard.

Bank wire transfers generally takes 3 to 5 business days to process, longer than some other instant deposit methods, but the peace of mind and safety this particular account funding option provides is well worth the wait for international players with limited options currently provided in their country. And with the National Football League (NFL) in the United States starting their season, as well as the 200% welcome bonus deposit match currently in play at WagerWeb, the timing is perfect for this particular deposit method that favors professional football prognosticators.

The current sportsbook welcome bonus from WagerWeb matches 200% of your initial bank wire transfer account funding deposit as soon as it clears. If you deposit $100, WagerWeb adds $200 to that initial deposit, and you have $300 in your account. That generous welcome bonus deposit match applies to all types of account funding methods, and for those international players outside the US looking for one of the safest and most reliable deposit methods for opening an online sportsbook account, bank wire transfers with respected online sportsbooks like WagerWeb are definitely the way to go.

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