WagerWeb offering WU and MoneyGram Money Transfers

Note:  We are not recommending Wager Web Sportsbook to our visitors at this time.  Instead, we recommend Bovada Sports for USA players interested in money transfer deposit options, and Bet365 Sports  for non-USA players.

Way back before the Internet, the high-tech means for international communication and money transfer was the telegraph. And though that initial form of international communication has been an efficient, safe and reliable means of data transfer globally, nationally and locally for over 150 years, some online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms do not allow money transfer account funding. Easily one of the safest and quickest ways to fund your online gaming account, money transfer account funding is now being offered by WagerWeb, one of the most respected online casinos in the online gaming community.

WagerWeb has long been a favorite of ours due to their high levels of customer service, exciting promotions and extremely generous bonus offerings. In business for over 10 years in the online gambling and sports betting industry, they focus on customer service, quick reliable payouts and exciting, leading-edge software. Hhese components have all come together to offer the online gambler in the US and globally a safe and enjoyable experience accompanied by 24/7 access. WagerWeb already offers multiple account funding options, and have added convenient Money Transfer Account Funding by the two largest money transfer companies in the world to their list of deposit options. We already loved WagerWeb, but they are now also one of our favorite Money Transfer sports betting sites.

Western Union money transfer offices are located in nearly 200 countries around the world, and they have been the preferred method for money transfer in the US since they were created in 1855. Back then the main purpose of The Western Union Telegraph Company was to send and receive telegraphs efficiently and rapidly, but in 1871, with forward thinking vision, they added money transfer capabilities. Eventually expanding to all corners of the globe, Western Union was the first international money transfer system, and has more experience handling money transfers than any other company in the world.

MoneyGram is the world’s second-largest money transfer company after Western Union, founded in 1940 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1988 they added international money transfer capabilities, and just about anywhere human beings breathe a MoneyGram outlet can be found. The company boasts 275,000 agent locations in 194 countries and territories globally, and their 2,600 employees help insure a super-fast and safe operation. The bottom line is, if you need to transfer money globally, nationally or locally, there is either a Western Union or MoneyGram outlet nearby. And now, thanks to WagerWeb and their extensive lineup of casino, sportsbook and poker Welcome Bonuses, you can not only fund your online gaming account quickly from just about anywhere in the world, but you can also add all important free  deposit match bonus money when you do so with Western Union or MoneyGram when you open your WagerWeb account.

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