New Bingo Billy Now Offers Visa Card Bingo Funding

Since it was invented in 1929, the modern game of Bingo has appealed to young and old alike. The simplistic, “99% luck” feature of the game builds excitement as each successive number is called. And those people who love playing Bingo have for years been relegated to finding a brick-and-mortar Bingo Hall somewhere in their town, if one exists. But not all municipalities have a physical Bingo option for their residents, and when they do, the Bingo patrons have to worry about transportation, and the all too present smoke-filled atmosphere. That was before online Bingo reached out to every corner of the globe, allowing players to participate for free and for money from the comfort and safety of their home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With estimates of 2010 global online Bingo revenue at $1.5 billion, it’s easy to understand why companies would want to offer some type of online pay for play Bingo service to the millions of Bingo lovers around the world. However, due to banking regulations in the United States and other countries, many Bingo Halls are only able to will offer difficult and time intensive account funding options. One particular online Bingo website that is celebrating their seventh birthday this year has decided to add Visa credit card account funding to their online deposit method options, making for a much easier and more popular account deposit method.

NewBingoBilly is not new anymore, and has become over the past seven years a well respected leader in the online Bingo community. Offering both free and pay to play options, they were one of the first online Bingo halls to provide a chat option for their players. Bingo in the physical world has always been a very social game and environment, and now the ability to chat with your fellow players has also entered the online Bingo world. And good news for the millions of Bingo lovers in the United States; NewBingoBilly also accepts Visa account funding from US players, as well as providing other multiple deposit options.

Far from the first credit card ever invented, the Visa card in the United States is however the most widely held credit card. So you would think that online Bingo halls would make an outward attempt to offer this type of account funding option. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Credit card manufacturers charge proprietors and businesses, whether online or off, a set fee every time someone uses their credit card to purchase goods or services at their site or physical store. That is why so many online Bingo Halls do not allow funding by credit card of any kind.

The fact that NewBingoBilly is celebrating their seventh birthday by offering Visa account funding globally, as well as for US players, only continues to extend their reputation as a “customer first” online Bingo hall. How reputable and enjoyable of a site is NewBingoBilly? That online Bingo Hall was given the coveted Bingo Site of the Year Award for four the last five years, in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011, as voted by members of online Bingo site They also recently received recognition as the Bingo Site of the Month for July 2012, and adding Visa account funding can only help their customers, as well as their sterling online Bingo reputation.  Learn more about this popular  bingo hall in our comprehensive New Bingo Billy Review, and also check out our other featured Visa Bingo Halls.

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