Can Zynga and Facebook Influence US Deposit Methods

Online social gaming titan Zynga is currently in talks with multiple online poker license holders in Nevada, as well as online gambling websites around the world, in an attempt to monetize their vast player pool which currently enjoys “play for free” social gaming online. And Facebook announced just recently that they were offering a “pay for play” gaming experience in the UK. With multiple deposit methods and banking portals currently offered in the hundreds of global online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo halls and poker rooms, could these two massive online players have an eventual say-so in how online gambling in the US offers account funding and payouts?

Currently, online websites like Lucky Red Casino offer multiple account funding options, and even support US players. The United States government does a very good job of policing online casinos and other gambling websites, so it takes extra effort on a company’s part to please the banking regulators in the US, and therefore offer legal account funding and withdrawal methods for players from the United States. And the Lucky Red Casino is one of a few current websites who don’t mind jumping through the extra hurdles to offer access to the massive online player pool that the United States has to offer.

But some respected websites like Bet365 Casino do not currently accept US players, and their banking options can vary greatly when compared to another site such as the renowned Bovada brand of online gambling, which provides a casino, sportsbook and poker room for US players as well as those around the world. What has been needed drastically in the online gambling community is one or two deposit methods and account funding options which are recognized globally, and the addition of Facebook and Zynga in the online “pay for play” gambling community could provide the much-needed impetus for the federal government in the US to develop a consistent across the board banking policy.

Worldwide and in the US, the most preferred method for funding an account at an online casino, sportsbook or poker room is a credit card. Online gamers currently use their credit cards to make online purchases for clothes, books and other non-gaming purchases, and are comfortable knowing that their credit card company protects their transactions. However, due to intense US regulations, not all websites can offer this account funding method. Coincidentally, this also happens to be the number one preferred purchasing option when Zynga players purchase in-game virtual tokens and accessories.

While sites like Lucky Red Casino and Bovada work closely with US regulators to provide legal account funding and deposit method options for players from the United States, the vast majority of websites simply prefer to focus on the rest of the world. But now that Facebook and Zynga, who enjoy tens of millions of users gaming on their web portals monthly, are joining the online paid gambling community, as well as Nevada and Delaware having already legalized online gambling in some form statewide, online gamers can bank on a consistent federal banking regulation policy in the United States sooner rather than later. Learn more about USA friendly deposit methods.

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