Click2Pay Casino Deposits Provide Options for Players

Many times online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms go out of their way to cater to US players. And while that is certainly understandable given the billions of dollars Americans wager online, it does not help players in the UK, Canada and other countries. Stepping in to fill that need is the Click2Pay online payment processor headquartered in Munich, Germany. Currently servicing players from the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, France, Austria and Germany, Click2Pay uses a star rating system to dictate spending limits. The more you play, the more you can wager.

Before the United States Department of Justice crackdown on many deposit methods used by US players to fund their online poker accounts, Click2Pay offered their services to players from the United States. While those earlier American players may still be able to use their Click2Pay accounts, gambling transactions are usually restricted and no new players are being accepted from the United States at this time. However, Click2Pay is constantly updating their list of countries supported, and with the recent reversal by the US DOJ on the legality of online poker in the United States, US players could receive Click2Pay deposit method approval at any time. If you are a US player, we recommend checking back frequently to check your status. Other great options for USA players include MyPaylinQ Casinos and Credit Card casinos.

But for those other non-US online gamblers looking for a convenient and safe way to finance your online play, if you reside in one of the approved countries listed above, you can follow the links provided on this page and be up and running in minutes. You simply complete the registration process on the Click2Pay website, and a representative will call you within 3 minutes of submitting that registration form. This is to simply verify your information, and also to determine your star rating (spending limit). Once your star rating (from 1 to 6 stars) is determined, you can fund your account. And unlike some online casino account funding methods, Click2Pay actually raises your rating the more you use their service.

And Click2Pay also allows you to contact their customer service team to have your star rating increased if it is not moving up as quickly as you would like. With more and more online gamers concerned about the safety of their financial information, and reluctant to use their credit cards for account funding, Click2Pay provides an extremely safe option. They employ the latest encryption technology, as well as the highest levels of fraud detection and prevention. Click2Pay transmits each transaction through a secure SSL connection, and all data transfers are protected with a 128-bit key, the highest rank of data encryption available on the commercial level.

The more you play at an online casino using the Click2Pay account funding method, or anywhere else online you buy services and goods, the higher your star rating and the more you are allowed to wager or spend. Your weekly spending limit gets refreshed every seven days, so it doesn’t take long to see a positive change in your star rating, and therefore your maximum wager or spending limit. After signing up at a recommended Click2Pay casino, you need to head to the casino cashier and choose the Click2Pay deposit method option. You can then begin enjoying this safe and secure online casino deposit method option provided to non-US players from around the world.

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