Bitcoin Virtual Currency Grows Looking For Casino Support

We presented the story back in September about a new deposit method and virtual currency gaining in popularity among online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms. Bitcoin virtual cash provides a simple to use and easy to understand option to credit cards, bank deposits, money transfers and the all powerful PayPal. And this particular virtual currency actually increases and decreases in value in the real world just like real money. Just as the US dollar and British pound carry more or less weight against a particular type of world currency, the Bitcoin currency responds in the same way.

While it has not caught on with the vast majority of online gambling halls, it is slowly gaining traction with some online casinos and poker rooms. As usual, European online gamers are more liberally minded than the security conscious American players, so the Bitcoin has been adopted more overseas than here in the US. While credit card deposit methods are still far and away the most popular worldwide, offering multiple deposit options is the wisest move by any savvy online casino, poker room or sportsbook.

The hugely important WordPress online publishing platform just recently began accepting Bitcoins as payments for various upgrades and services, mentioning that PayPal blocks access to over 60 countries. This makes optional virtual currencies like Bitcoins very attractive, and WordPress spokesman Andy Skelton mentioned that “many credit card companies have similar restrictions”, and this has driven the popularity of this cutting-edge virtual currency.

WordPress is the leading choice of Internet marketers and website builders because of their easy to use template driven designs, and receiving the blessing of such a well respected Internet player will only help the growth of Bitcoin in virtual casinos. And Michael Hajduk, Infiniti Poker founder, recently stated that one of the great things about the new currency is there is no central authority controlling it. If the United States Department of Justice or some other country’s regulatory body were to shut down a poker site or slots room where a player had a Bitcoin account, that money would be safe, and could be used elsewhere online.

With problems like the impending tumble over the Fiscal Cliff that the United States economy is in danger of experiencing, worldwide economic problems associated with different “real world” currencies, and a lack of options at many online poker rooms, casinos and sportsbooks, Bitcoins are growing in popularity in the interactive gaming community. What is needed is for one top casino to ride in like a white knight and adopt this safe and economically sound account funding method. Then other casinos will follow suit, and a singular global deposit method will exist across multiple cultures, appeasing regulatory bodies worldwide.

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  1. William B. says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned Zetacoin, 2nd most traded coin on the markets today! Big news coming later this week about a major retailer accepting. Good time to invest.

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