Gold-Pay Supends Gaming Transactions

On Feb 7th, Gold-Pay notified their customers via email that due to pending legal matters, they had no choice but to suspend all gambling related transactions. They were unable to indicate when or if this status would change for gaming related transactions. This will come as quite a blow to USA players who rely on Gold-Pay as a viable deposit method option for funding their online gambling accounts. Gold-Pay has been one of the more reliable and trustworthy deposit methods for USA players, and was becoming more and more popular at online casinos.

The notification informed customers that they would indeed be able to access their accounts, however no activity is able to take place until after the legal issues are resolved. This is particularly bad news to customers who had not withdrawn their winnings yet and will now have to consider the money ‘captured’ in the legal mess. Gold-Pay did encourage customers to contact them with any questions or concerns, and I’m suspecting that many players did just that.

Gold-Pay did not indicate who initiated the legal issues against them, or if this will cause them to remove themselves permanently from the online gambling venue. As Gold-Pay has become a very popular online deposit method among online gambling enthusiasts, there will be a large number of disappointed players should Gold-Pay be removed from the list of viable online payment solutions for the online gambling community. While we have no choice but to sit and wait for more information, we will of course have our fingers and toes crossed that Gold-Pay emerges from this situation able to return to their role as a trusted and effective online deposit method option.

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