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As an avid online poker player, I know that the results Iím looking for lie in the chances of getting Ďthat one magical cardí I need to complete my hand. Well, there is another magical card I play with, and thatís my Discover Card. When it comes to online poker deposit methods, my Discover Card brings me closer to that winning hand, and that winning jackpot. European online poker buffs are in the know when relying on Discover Card Poker Sites for the best in online poker action. Discover is renowned for their cash back rewards program and their super low to non-existent monthly fees, however there is a downside to the Discover Card, as with all the major credit card brands, Discover normally fails in their attempts to process online gaming transactions for US players. No need for alarm, Discover has the red, white and blue covered with their prepaid Discover Cards!

For those die hard, US poker players, particularly those grinders who spend a great deal of their time at their home away from home online poker rooms, we recommend that they add the pre-paid Discover Card to their winning hand. The Discover prepaid card is a superb choice that offers all poker players the flexibility theyíre looking for in an online payment solution, as well as the security and reliability that is behind the Discover name. Discover pre-paid cards can be purchased in amounts from $20 to $500, and can be used at any of the millions of merchants who accept the Discover Card, including the many Online Discover Poker Sites. Safety and reliability are two features of the prepaid Discover Card, allowing your card to be replaced with your balance in tact (from the time of reported loss) should your card be lost or stolen. The pre-paid Discover Card protects your personal financial information by eliminating the need for your credit card or bank account information to be revealed when funding your online poker room account with the Discover prepaid card. Regardless of which Poker Sites Accepting Discover Card option you are using, be it the Discover Card Credit Card or the prepaid Discover Card, itís the one card that can bring your online poker room dreams right to your fingertips.

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