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While it’s safe to say that selecting a viable deposit method at your favorite online sportsbook is no game, we’re pleased to see that the Discover Card brand has jumped into the game with a few choice moves of their own. Discover Card Sportsbooks are gaining momentum as their popularity soars among the online sportsbook betting community. European players are able to benefit from the Discover Card credit card, which is a safe and reliable online deposit method that is accepted by many online sportsbooks. One reason that the Discover Card credit card is gaining such fame is their unique ‘perks’, such as cash back rewards and very low or non-existent monthly fees. US players do not fair so well with the Discover Card Sportsbooks and find that their online sportsbooks transactions are blocked the majority of the time.

Players from the USA have a much better success rate with the prepaid Discover Card, which is accepted at any of the millions of merchants that accept the Discover Card credit card. The pre-paid Discover Card is available in increments from $20 to $500, and is actually used as virtual cash at Discover Card merchants. The Discover prepaid cards are backed by the Discover name and can be replaced with the balance in tact if the card is lost or stolen. Another nice feature of the Discover pre-paid card is that it protects sportsbook buffs from being required to divulge their personal financial data to online merchants, hence keeping your financial identity that much safer from the predators that prowl the web looking for a chance to pounce. Flexibility, security, simplicity, the prepaid Discover Card has it all……if only you could get this kind of performance on the field and race track!! Find out about Sportsbooks Accepting Discover Card below.

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