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Most online Ezipay Sportsbooks customers prefer to operate with a level of sophistication that is not found at every sportsbook or in every deposit method. You tend to be more selective with whom and how you practice your e-commerce business, and that my friends is a good think. Keeping that in mind, there is a unique and hearty online banking solution out there that can rise to the occasion, EziPay is quickly becoming the deposit method of choice among online Sports Book players. With their distinctive dual functionality and superior service, EziPay brings online gamers the flexibility and reliability that they've been looking for.

EziPay was formerly known as PaySpark. PaySpark customers can use their account anywhere they see the EziPay logo. Your EziPay account can be funded by credit/debit card, wire transfer, Western Union or your EziPay/PaySpark ATM account. EziPay offers a pre-paid e-wallet account, as well as an ATM account. Your e-wallet account provides you the capability to transfer funds to and from online merchants both seamlessly and instantly. Your EziPay ATM account provides you with immediate access to your winnings from your favorite EziPay Sportsbooks or your account balance, and can be used at millions of ATM machines worldwide to withdraw or deposit funds.

Registration is completely free and is done during your first transaction. When on the cashier page of the Sportsbooks Accepting EziPay at which you are betting, select the EziPay logo from the deposit method menu. You will then be directed to either sign in with account information or to register for an account. Once your EziPay account is approved, you will automatically be eligible for the ATM account. With such a fabulous menu of benefits, instant access to your money, and worldwide acceptance, I'd say that EziPay is a deposit method that you can bank on!!

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