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Most online Poker buffs make it a priority to have the 'upper hand'. And this makes sense when the goal is to win that jackpot. Regardless of your online poker venue, whether it's tournament playing in a poker room or video poker, you need a robust, reliable and unique online banking solution. EziPay fits that bill perfectly. EziPay Poker Sites offer dual functionality as both a pre-paid debit card account and also as an ATM account. EziPay was formally known as PaySpark. PaySpark members can use their account anywhere they see the EziPay or payspark logo.

Registration is free and is done during your first transaction. You simply select the EziPay logo when choosing your deposit method on the EziPay Poker Sites cashier page and you will be directed to register for an account. Once your EziPay account is approved, you will automatically be eligible for the EziPay ATM account. Funding your EziPay account can be done by credit/debit card, wire transfer, Western Union, or by transferring funds from your EziPay or PaySpark ATM account. Your EziPay or PaySpark ATM card can be used to withdraw or deposit money at any of the millions of ATM machines worldwide. Being able to withdraw your winnings via an ATM machine is a welcomed breath of fresh air over having to wait for the check to arrive in the mail.

The security measures used by Poker Sites Accepting EziPay exceed industry standards and provide a safe banking experience. There are no fees assocaited with using your EziPay account, the merchants pick up those types of costs. The flexibility of an EziPay online banking solution will literally transform how you handle your online gaming transactions, as well as dramatically affect your dealings in the many ecommerce driven settings you encounter everyday. EziPay is the ideal deposit method to incorporate into your inline Poker gaming activity. With such superb functionality and the most flexibility of any payment platform in the industry, choosing EziPay is, well, just easy.

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