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Sportsbook enthusiasts worldwide are getting excited about the newest buzz word in online deposit method options: Paste And Pay. This phenomenal payment solution has allowed Paste And Pay Sportsbooks to truly gain momentum from among online sports betting sites. PasteandPay is a prepaid voucher system that allows bettors to fund their online sports book account by redeeming vouchers that they have already purchased at the PasteandPay website There are some substantial advantages to utilizing this popular deposit method when getting your sports betting action fired up. First and foremost, using this prepaid payment solution protects your personal financial information from being viewed by any third party merchants, including your chosen sportsbook. Hence your risk of being vulnerable to identity theft or cyber predators is minimized greatly. Another type of protection that PasteandPay Sportsbooks afford their customers is in regards to spending limits. Since the amount that you may wager is dependent on the value of the prepaid voucher that you purchased, you cannot exceed your spending limits in the heat of the moment when your emotional response to the adrenaline rush is calling the shots. This is a great tool to assist players in determining and sticking to self imposed spending limits and hence protect your from yourself if need be.

Online Sportsbooks Accepting PasteandPay have made their patrons quite happy by offering this convenient, flexible and secure payment solution, and have probably made their USA players the happiest of all. It is well known that USA players have a difficult time when it comes to deposit method options, particularly with credit card transactions. Paste&Pay removes many of the obstacles facing players from the United States, and offers a viable and easy to use alternative payment solution. Players are able to use their Visa or MasterCard to purchase prepaid value vouchers and then turn around and redeem these vouchers to fund their online sports betting accounts.

Following is a breakdown of the steps you'll need to take to get started with funding your sportsbook account via Paste And Pay. You'll be delighted to hear that the registration process is completely simplified, making it very fast and easy. You can be registered for an account and ready to begin wagering within minutes. There are no fees associated with a PasteandPay account, it is absolutely free for consumers. The cost of the operation is paid for by the merchants who accept PasteandPay as a sports book payment option.

How To Use PasteAndPay To Deposit At Sportsbooks

#1 Visit the PasteandPay website:

#2 Register for an account. You will be asked for basic personal information such as your name, address, phone number and email address.

#3 Once you submit the initial registration form, you will automatically be directed to a page which will ask for your PIN number. Within moments of submitting the registration form, you will receive an email which contains your four digit PIN number. You need to enter the PIN number in the information field and submit it.

#4 The next step is to register your credit card information. To do this, you go to 'add payment method' and enter the required information as prompted. Once this is done, you will need to review your account status and determine if you'd like to upgrade your account for higher daily and weekly spending limits, or if the initial parameters are sufficient for you.

#5 The last step is to purchase your vouchers. You will see a tab at the top navigational bar that says 'Buy Vouchers'.

#6 Once you have made your voucher(s) purchase, you can then go to the cashier page of your Paste and Pay Sportsbook and fund your account.

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Top Sports Books Accepting Pasteandpay In 2015

BetDSI Accepts Paste And Pay Vouchers

Bookmaker is only 1 of 2 sites currently accepting pasteandpay vouchers in 2015.

Wagerweb Sports Betting Site

Bookmaker offers all new players a 20% welcome bonus up to $2500 on first deposit made.


Online Sportsbooks Accepting PasteandPay Vouchers

Paste&Pay Sports Book
Sportsbook Bonus Offer
20% Max $2500
Prepaid Sportsbook
  • Bet DSI Sportsbook