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Ticket Premium Poker Sites were very quick to accept this online payment solution with open arms. It is being recognized industry wide that prepaid poker deposit methods are quickly becoming the most popular and sought after payment solutions through out the online gaming community. It is no wonder that we are seeing new poker deposit methods, such as Ticket Premium, hit the online gaming scene on a regular basis. While Ticket Premium may be the new kid on the block, they've certainly got a handle on perfecting the prepaid card process. The creators of Ticket Premium have simplified the process down to one of the most user friendly processes we've ever seen. You simply purchase the card either online or at one of the store outlets across Europe and Canada. Unfortunately, the Ticket Premium prepaid card is not available in the United States.

Being able to purchase this prepaid card at a store outlet allows players at Ticket Premium Poker Sites to literally use cash to fund their online poker accounts. Players are not obligated to share their personal financial information with either the store outlet or the online poker room. This completely eliminates the risk of identity theft and protects your investment very securely. Another savory security factor is that the chances of someone figuring out the code that is assigned to your Ticket Premium prepaid card is one in four million. Pretty favorable odds for you!! The Ticket Premium prepaid card can be purchase in $25, $50, and $100 increments. When you make your purchase either online or at a store outlet, you are given an 11 or 14 digit security code, which will be used when making purchases and funding your online poker room account.

The number of merchants offering Ticket Premium is growing, as are Poker Sites Accepting Ticket Premium Vouchers. Financial anonymity is only one reason players prefer the Ticket Premium prepaid card option. Many players feel that by using Ticket Premium, it allows them to play to their heart's content without spending more than they can afford to loose. Once the card's funding has been used, players must call it quits. Fund depletion is a great kill switch in online poker play and can assist players in developing self discipline and protect them from themselves financially. So if you're looking for an ultra secure, user friendly and very convenient online payment solution, Ticket Premium is your ticket!!

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