Most Trusted Sportsbook Deposit Methods

When you're looking to get in on the most exciting sporting events happening around the world, the last thing you need is to find out you've trusted your money to a less than reputable online deposit method. This has happened in too many cases, and we shutter when we hear how players have been hurt financially from deceitful financial predators. Well we have committed to do what we can to keep this from occurring. If that means that we become the deposit method watch dogs for our visitors, then we are happy to do so. This site is where you will find out about the Most Trusted Sportsbook Deposit Methods out there. We've taken the time to find only the most tested and true deposit method options, and are pleased to be able to share this information with you.

Most Trusted Credit- Debit Card Sportsbook Deposit Options

One of the most popular and trusted online deposit methods are credit and debit card sportsbook transactions. While USA players don't have 100% sucess here, all non-USA players should be able to easily use their credit and debit cards to fund their online sportsbook account. The reason USA players have a hard time with credit card deposits is because the UIG bill which passed in 2006 placed restrictions on banks and credit card companies, forcing them to block approvals on all transactions which are related to online gambling. This law only applies to USA players and it's really a hit and miss whether your card will go through or not, however check out our usa sportsbook deposit options for more options. For all players living abroad credit and debit cards are one of the Most Trusted Sportsbook deposit Methods. The most commonly accepted credit and debit cards being accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, Discover, Visa Electron, Delta, Switch, Solo and Maestro.

Most Secure Ewallet Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods

eWallets have become a huge industry, easily labeled as a preferred online payment solution and is hands down one of the Most Trusted Sports Betting Deposit Methods around. Also known as electronic wallets, eWallet accounts are very convenient, and offer fast and simple registration processes. Players may use their credit, debit or bank accounts to fund their eWallets, and many of the eWallet options are USA friendly. Along with being ultra convenient, eWallet accounts are very flexible as they are accepted at millions of online merchants world wide. Protection is an added plus when using an eWallet to fund your sportsbook account due to the fact that your personal credit card or bank account information is never shared with the online sportsbook, or any online merchant you're making a purchase at. This is nice protection from identity theft and financial ruin. Opening an eWallet account is free in most cases, and simply requires that you provide some personal contact information, and you're financial information that will be used to fund your eWallet account. Once you've added funds to your eWallet, you may then turn around and use that eWallet to fund your online sportsbook account. The most popular eWallets being used in the online sports betting industry are: MoneyBookers, EntroPay, EcoCard, PayPal, Neteller, Click2Pay, and ClickandBuy.

Most Trusted Prepaid Debit - Gift Card Sportsbook Options

Prepaid Debit and Gift Cards - If you're on the hunt for not only the Most Trusted Sportsbook Deposit Method, but also the easiest, then prepaid cards are what you're looking for. Pretty much anyone can open an online sportsbook account using a prepaid card. Prepaid cards allow you to use cash to fund your online sportsbook account, which is beneficial in the sense that you are not required to share any of your personal financial information with the sportsbook when using a prepaid card, and you are able to set limits to how much you will spend wagering, regardless of how tempting it is to spend more, you can only spend what has been pre-loaded onto the prepaid card. There are no credit worthiness issues when it comes to prepaid cards, hence there are no restrictions to who can purchase one. Security is very good on prepaid cards, with some of them even requiring several forms of approval verification. You really can't go wrong with using prepaid cards, particularly USA players who are looking for effected and reliable work arounds to the UIG restrictions. The prepaid cards being used the most are: Prepaid Visa, Prepaid MasterCard, Prepaid American Express, NetSpend, Virtual Pin, Wired Plastic, Speed Card, UKash, Green Dot, PaySafeCard and Paste&Pay.

Direct Banking Direct banking deposit method options are not considered to be the most popular, however they can be considered to be some of the Most Trusted Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods being used. Direct Banking deposit methods are not high on the list of some players, partially due to the extra effort involved. In most cases, extensive paperwork is required to be completed and submitted to both your bank and the online sportsbook, and is subject to inconvenient delays. While this is not appealing to most players, there are many players who will endure the inconveniences associated with direct banking deposit methods in exchange for the peace of mind they get from knowing that their funds are being transferred by someone that they intimately trust. And peace of mind does count for a lot in these days of constant identity theft. Unfortunately, USA players are unable to use this trusted deposit method, however those non-USA players are normally unable to utilize local banking options when funding their online sportsbook account. These direct banking options include: Wire Transfer, e-check, and direct money transfer.

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